About Us

Our Mission

We believe in having social consciousness and strive to give back to our local communities here and abroad by increasing education availability, promoting health services and collaborating towards Tequila and agave distilled spirits research studies.

What we do

In 2007, owner David Suro Piñera started the Siembra Azul Project, a year later he created the Siembra azul Foundation with the goal in mind that he would use a large percentage of the proceeds  from Siembra Azul Tequila to help promote education, health services and research.


Our children are the future of tomorrow, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to have a great education. With this in mind, we have over the years invited the First Lady of Philadelphia Mrs. Lisa Nutter, a strong advocate of education through the program Philadelphia Academies, as well as former First Lady of Mexico, Mrs. Margarita Zavala, to visit the town of San Mateo Ozolco in Mexico. A great majority of our immigrant population here in Philadelphia originate from San Mateo Ozolco, they migrant to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream. Over the years we have help the schools in San Mateo by providing them with books, computers and school supplies, and with the help of donations from companies such as HSBC and strong education advocates as Nora Litz and Luz Maria Gutierrez we have been available to create school programs.

Greater Accessibility To Healthcare Services

One of Siembra Azul Foundation mission is to help our immigrant community here in the US and as well abroad. We support organizations such as Puentes de Salud, an non profit organization comprised of medical and local business professionals, who work in providing immigrants with medical services otherwise currently unavailable. We also work closely with organizations such as the Breslin Learning Center in Philadelphia, Congreso de Latinos Unidos in Philadelphia and Juntos who also are very dedicated to helping our immigrant community. One of the services we help provide are ESL classes to non native speakers, please check our website for more updates on this.


The Siembra Azul Foundation also strives to increase industry and consumer awareness of the Tequila culture. We support industry research by renowned universities, such as NYU and the University of Guadalajara. The Foundation also supports organizations such as the Tequila Interchange Project, who serve as a link between professionals in the industry and academics; they provide accurate information on topics that impact the tequila industry such as anthropology, sociology, history, economics and relevant legislation.

The Siembra Azul Foundation serves as a point of contact and a reliable resource for all individuals involved in the industry.

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